LBV Equities is a boutique commercial real estate advisory firm launched in September 2018 to provide tailored capital solutions to commercial property owners, builders and aspiring investors.


Utilizing expertise and insights gained both on and off Wall Street, LBV Equities works with commercial real estate investors in sourcing debt and equity capital, assisting in negotiation of their transaction terms and advising with regard to capital markets and investment strategies.


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After 14 years in the institutional commercial real estate debt markets, Alex Leybov is LBV Equities’ founder and principal.  Mr. Leybov’s experience in the industry spans corporate REIT and REOC credit analysis and lending, modeling and structuring, securitization and commercial mortgage underwriting and origination.  Throughout his career, Mr. Leybov has helped to launch and build numerous commercial real estate lending businesses within a variety of banks and REITs.

Please select the years below to learn more about Mr. Leybov's experience in the commercial real estate capital markets:

Underwriting and securitization of corporate REIT and REOC debt

Commercial mortgage underwriting and origination during the initial stages of the economic recovery

Commercial mortgage origination within an international investment bank

Principal of LBV Equities, a boutique commercial real estate debt, equity and capital markets advisory firm

2006 - 2007
2008 - 2010
2015 - 2016
2012 - 2014
2017 - 2018

During the economic downturn, focusing on a variety of debt restructuring and esoteric investment strategies within the commercial real estate and structured products arenas

Completed undergraduate studies at the University of Rochester; dual major in Economics and Psychology

Joined a regional bank to help launch and grow a CMBS lending effort, primarily focusing on securitization and underwriting

Overseeing and managing a CMBS lending business within a public REIT; ultimately, also spearheading bridge loan production strategy and correspondent lending